Over the years, Michelin has fostered close relations with its stakeholders to transform the natural rubber industry towards sustainable practices.


A longstanding and close partnership between Michelin and CIRAD focusing on research and development.

For 30 years, Michelin has been a partner of CIRAD, a French agricultural research organization involved in the development of more resilient agriculture, particularly in the tropics. 

The collaboration focuses on the development of high-yielding rubber tree varieties that are resistant to the main pests and diseases and the improvement of productivity.

The research programs are conducted jointly with the French Rubber Institute (IFC).

Michelin and CIRAD organize workshops and seminars in the fields of rubber cultivation and plant protection for researchers and local authorities in the Asia-Pacific region.


Institut Pasteur

Michelin and Institut Pasteur protects the health of local communities against mosquito borne diseases.

Driven by responsibility to people and the planet, Michelin Corporate Foundation and the Pasteur Institute developed a program to help protect natural rubber farmers and their families from mosquito-borne diseases, both in South-East Asia and West Africa. Improving scientific knowledge, community awareness and prevention is critically important to help tackle these mosquito-borne diseases.

This program together with the Pasteur Institute is a concrete example of Michelin’s commitment to disseminating best social practices and raising awareness to genuine risks, thus contributing to a better future for all.

International Rubber Research and Development Board

Michelin is working with the IRRDB to improve performance and prevent risks in the industry.

Michelin is the only manufacturing member of the International Rubber Research and Development Board (IRRDB), a network which brings together natural rubber research institutes in virtually all the natural rubber producing countries, covering 95 per cent of world natural rubber production.

Michelin’s partnership with the IRRDB is based on the development of high yield natural rubber tree varieties and sustainable farming practices, with the aim of reducing pressure on the land.

This program also helps to broaden the genetic diversity of breeding stock for various research and development programs such as resilience to various pest and diseases and the impacts of climate change.

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