La Société Internationale de Plantations d’Hévéas, West Africa

A leader in responsible natural rubber in West Africa, SIPH is committed to continuous progress.

The Société Internationale de Plantations d’Hévéas (SIPH) is the leading natural rubber producer in Africa, with more than 60,000 hectares of plantations in Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria and Liberia. Rubber from SIPH plantations and thousands of independent smallholders, who account for 80% of the nearly 330,000 tonnes produced every year, is processed in nine plants owned by the SIPH Group.

SIPH, its main shareholder SIFCA and Michelin have undertaken joint commitments and are working together to address their CSR challenges, with an emphasis on the following priorities:

·  Protecting employee health, safety and working conditions,

·  Encouraging responsible rubber tree farming,

·  Engaging with local communities,

·  Safeguarding the environment, with a focus on zero deforestation and preserving biodiversity.

Supporting the development of village farms and empowering smallholder farmers are also core strategic concerns. Rubber purchases from smallholders have risen, driving local economic development, while offering unmatched product traceability across the natural rubber value chain.
Established in Africa since 1956, SIPH is the historical leader in the natural rubber sector in the region and is also making a major contribution to its development in a fast-growing area that now accounts for nearly 10% of world volumes.
SIPH is also a founding member and particularly active in the Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber (GPSNR).

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