As one of the world’s biggest buyers of natural rubber, Michelin is committed and taking actions in achieving sustainability throughout natural rubber value chain.

As a natural rubber producer and processor, Michelin embraces its responsibility and conducts its business sustainably, having achieved a number of milestones in recent years, including issuing its sustainable natural rubber policy, assessing the labor and environmental practices of its suppliers, and collecting CSR information from its value chain.

Overall approach

Michelin’s vision is to consider sustainable natural rubber as a way to protect forests and ecosystems while ensuring satisfactory production yield and improved livelihoods for local communities.


Michelin’s All-Sustainable approach is based on achieving the best balance between People, Profit & Planet that translates in all its activities.


Michelin has driven the transformation of rubber cultivation and the rubber market to promote best practices to the entire sector.


Contributing to the sector-wide approach to transform the natural rubber industry towards sustainable practices is essential for Michelin.