Supply chain assessments

An essential way to confirm the Group’s natural rubber supply chain is sustainable.

With EcoVadis

Assessing the sustainability management systems of Michelin’s direct suppliers and promoting continuous improvement.

Since 2013, Michelin has been assessing most of its direct natural rubber suppliers through EcoVadis, a sustainability ratings provider for global supply chains.

The EcoVadis rating covers a broad range of non-financial management systems including Environmental, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement impacts.

These assessments help Michelin to understand relative risks and engage its suppliers to implement improvement plans. The Group also conducts on-site audits, including environmental and labor aspects on natural rubber processing factories on a regular basis.

With RubberWay™

RubberWay™ helps Michelin to better understand its supply chain, to help mitigate risks and improve practices.

Developed to help tackle the challenge of the fragmented natural rubber supply chain, Michelin created RubberWay™, a digital solution to assess and map social and environmental risks. Using a mobile device, factories can engage with farmers to have them answer a structured questionnaire on their environmental, social, and agricultural practices since 2017.

Collected data is then analyzed and might lead to capacity building or risk-mitigation projects. Today, with approximately 50,000 smallholder respondents, RubberWay™ is the most comprehensive database on smallholder farmers.

In 2019, Michelin Group, Continental AG, and Smag created a joint venture to further develop RubberWay™ as an independent solution for the industry.

Testimonies on RubberWay™
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