July 2021

Royal Lestari Utama, Indonesia

A challenging and long- term project reflecting Michelin’s “All Sustainable” approach by seeking a balance between people, profit and planet.

Principal results at the end of 2020

This is an ambitious, long-term project, emblematic of the Group's social and environmental commitments.

The last six years have been devoted to extensive preparatory work, and much progress has been made and documented: planting of rubber trees on more than 22,000 hectares of deforested areas out of the 34,000 targeted, 28,000 hectares (i.e., nearly 30% of the total surface area of the concessions) as a protected area for biodiversity conservation, creation of approximately 4,000 direct jobs, investment of more than $10 million in housing, access to water and electricity, among others. 

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